November 21, 2017

Free movie ticket offer from Marlboro!

Head over to Marlboro and check your account!
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They are always having chances to win as well as having giveaways.  Check your account to see if you have a free movie ticket offer!

It was under the "Tundra" area for me.

Toys R Us not honoring their own price-match policy.

If you shop Toys R Us and was hoping to use their price-match policy, well ... think again!

According to their price-match policy on their website, there are a lot of exclusions including competitor's advertised store or online pricing for Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

NEW pennies CONFIRMED at Dollar General today!

I am not out shopping, but other shoppers in my groups are confirming that the previous weeks 90% and $2 and under clearance have pennied.  See below.

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  • Green dot home - there are a few exclusions (if they have a code of another year, they are not included.)  There are some unmarked green dot items.  
  • Gray star bras and underpants (May be some exclusions.)
  • Patriotic party supplies (if they have a code of another year, they are not included.)
  • Swim and summer - I'm trying to add the items that are most likely passed over to the Penny Puss APP first.  I am also adding items that are excluded.  There is no possible way that I can add all the clothing and shoes.  
  • Lawn and garden (Hoses, grills, coolers ... all excluded.  Also some of the really big pots are excluded.)
  • White and yellow dot clothing, shoes, and accessories. (Baby bottles are excluded)  Must be year 17 or earlier.

Get in line early at Cabela's on Black Friday for a chance to win some NICE prizes!

Are you planning on shopping on Black Friday!  Maybe you should consider Cabela's.

If you are one of the first 600 people in line at Cabela's before 5 am on Friday, November 24, you will have a chance to win some nice prizes!

Check out the Blockbusters in their ad too!

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Amazon Prime "no rush" shipping rewards!

Amazon Prime members get free 2-day shipping, but Amazon sometimes gives rewards for choosing a slower shipment.  This varies greatly, but recently they have been offered me $5 off Lux beauty or $5 off DVD, Blu Ray, or 4K Ultra HD.

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So, if you don't need your order immediately it might save you some money to go ahead and tick the No-Rush shipping box!

Get a $5 off coupon for Amazon and enter their giveaways!

Head on over to Amazon and check this out!  Amazon is giving away a $5 off $10 coupon for trying 5 of the features in the Amazon App.

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You will have to download the Amazon App and then go back and try the 5 things that they want you to do to get the coupon.

If you don't have the Amazon App already, you will need to click on the Amazon App link and either put your email or phone number in to get the link to download the app.

Then come back here and click on this page: Amazon chance to win daily prizes plus $5 off $10 coupon when you try 5 features listed.  You will need to OPEN YOUR APP to get started.

You will need to scroll down the page and complete all 5 items. It might be a little confusing at first, but just follow the steps in each item.  This is what you should see toward the bottom of the page.  Complete all 5 tasks to get the coupon.  You should get the coupon in approximately 5 days.  See details on Amazon for coupon expiration and limitations.

This screenshot was from my computer and it looks a little different in the app, but when you scroll down on your phone, you will see these images ... they will be on top of each other instead of in a line like this.