August 30, 2016

Kmart double coupons this week!

I picked a bad week not to buy a bunch of newspapers for the coupons!  There are some really great deals to be had this week!

Kmart is having a double coupon week!  It's a little tricky, but you can usually get a pretty good deal if you plan.

You must purchase $25 in grocery, household, and health & beauty.
They will double no more than 5 coupons valued at $2 or less.
No more than 4 of the same coupon.

Be sure to hand over the coupons that you want doubled FIRST!

Extra 50% off clearance event at Family Dollar, plus $5 off $20!

You can get a $5 off $20 coupon for Family Dollar by texting SMART to 28767.  The ad says that it is after all discounts and coupons. You can see the other details on the website.

August 29, 2016

No new pennies for Tuesday at Dollar General.

Sorry, I was hoping for new pennies for tomorrow, but there doesn't seem to be any.  I hope you all got the memo of the flower packets pennying yesterday!  I  got quite a few!

Seed Packets pennied at Dollar General

I really should have posted something about this last night, but I honestly didn't think the seeds pennied - even though they rang a penny yesterday.  Last year, they rang a penny due to the extra clearance markdown ... so I thought that they would go back up today.  Well, I was WRONG.  And, yes, I'll admit when I'm wrong.

Anyway, the seed packets DID penny.  Nothing else is included as far as I know.  The boxed seeds are also not included.

I have found them in the display boxes on the shelves and also in a stand alone display.

August 27, 2016

Are you sick of coupons printing that you didn't select?

I don't know about you, but this really irks me!  I print coupons that I want.  Ink is expensive and unwanted coupons just lead to more garbage ... and waste!  I have only noticed this practice on - so the petition is for them to change.

It's bad enough when we select and print coupons that we don't end up using, but having them forced upon us ... well, it just seems wrong.  We are trying to SAVE money, not spend more.


How to figure out the extra 50% off plus "cheat" charts for Dollar General extra 50% off this weekend!

Some people are getting confused on how to figure out the percentage off.  I added this to my last post, but I made a separate post in case anyone is still confused.

Let's take white dot clothes for example.  They are (most places) 40% off.  Then with the weekend sale, they are an extra 50% off.  You do NOT add the 40% and 50% to get 90%.  It does not work that way.

Most phones have a calculator.  So, get your phone out if you cannot do this in your head.  Some prices, like a $10 item will be easy to figure the price in your head.  So,  here is a breakdown.

A $10 item at 40% off would be $6.  (10 x 0.4 = $4, so your discount is $4 off of the $10 leaving you with $6).  Your extra 50% off makes the $6 price half - so $3 is  your final price.

I have made "cheat sheets" for you all, screen shot them to use in store!  These charts are for items that are already marked down plus the extra clearance this weekend.

10%, 25%, 40%, and 50% plus the extra 50%.
Items that are marked with an ORANGE clearance sticker should ring just 50% off the marked price.  The charts are for items that are clearance of a percentage and then the extra 50% off.