August 2, 2014

Kmart haul - and how to find unadvertised deals!

Before I tell you about this, make sure you are signed up for ShopYourWay Rewards and sign up to allow them to email you!  I received a $15 off $30 home purchase coupon!  They have pretty good coupons, you just have to be sure you are buying the correct category.

Total was around $56 before promos, points, and coupons.

$5/3 Downy P&G coupon from prior Sunday insert
$5 off coupon from prior purchase for the Downy/Tide (Kmart coupon)
$15 off $30 in surprise points for Home purchase
$5 points from prior purchase for the Downy/Tide
(I think some of the tax must have come off too.)

I saved $30 ... paying only $23.58
and I got another $5 purchase coupon for Kmart
and will get 5000 ($5 worth) of points added to my acct 24 hours later!

Here is a link to Kmart (Belle Vernon only) Overstock items.  This link may or may not work for other areas, it might since I think you need to be logged in to see the sales.  Let me know if you try!  These are mostly prices in-store and are temporary price drops.   Some you can order online and get in-store pick up to save on shipping: You might have to sign in and come back to click through this link to see the prices, not sure.  Local Kmart overstock with temporary price-drops.

When I say "secret" they are not visible when you search the Kmart website unless you go through this link.

Here are a couple good deals that I saw:

I bought the last 2 of the Anchor Hocking 9-pc Ovenware sets yesterday, but you can still order this online for in-store pickup.  No shipping fee if you pick it up in store!