August 21, 2014

Step 3: Understanding why the items are not in your store plus the latest markdowns to look for!!!

The first part of this video explains why you may not have the clearance items in your stores.  I posted pictures in the 2nd half that should help you find items - even some hidden items. Remember to look EVERYWHERE!  Sometimes an item is on an end cap or top shelf where it's just been missed by others.

Well, have fun shopping everyone!

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I think I forgot to mentions the graduation and amazing values.  Been up since 3:30 am.  Sorry about that.
Here are the current clearance that is going on:
Purple dot 10¢ and some hidden items 10¢ also
Blue Box (with circles) Amazing Value items 10¢
Graduation 90% off YMMV
Seeds 90% off YMMV
Memorial flowers 90% off 
Green dots 25-50% off depending on your store.

Here is video 1 and 2 if you missed them: 
Dollar General Penny Shopping: Step 1 "Understanding the Tags" 
Dollar General Penny Shopping: Step 2 "Why the items go to a penny, a dime, a quarter ..."

and the following is Step 3:  "Why doesn't my DG have these items plus the latest markdowns from 8/19."