October 30, 2014

Dollar General mostly Penny shopping haul store #1 on 10/30.

 I went to 3 Dollar Generals this morning looking for penny items. I keep hearing rumors that they will end ... but until they do, I will be seeking them out! This haul was a grand total of only $1.10! Some nice little items ... great for gifts, stocking stuffers.

Red dots have pennied at some stores, plus other "hidden" penny deals!

Also, don't forget that there is a $3 off $15 coupon available on DollarGeneral.com to load to your coupons. Plus, other good coupons such as the $1.50 off Scott Paper Towels and $1.50 off All detergent. If you don't already have a digital coupon account, I would suggest that you sign up. 

If you are new to  penny shopping, I have 3 step videos for basic understanding.  You can see them here: Penny Shopping at Dollar General. How to ...

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