October 31, 2014

Dollar General Shopping Haul Store #3 yesterday! Penny and 50¢ items ... even 2 wooden cube organizers!

Yesterday's 3rd haul from a Dollar General Store.  This store had red dots at 80% this week and they have now pennied out and have mostly been taken off the floor.  But, if you can find these items, you can get them at only a penny!

Amazing that you can find items for just a penny anywhere!  You do have to study and know what you are looking for so as to not waste your time or the employees time.

If you are treasure hunting for deals at the Dollar General, always remember to be kind and considerate.  Their job is NOT to clean up after you routing through stuff and making a mess!  I am stressing this because I have seen the mess some people leave in the store.  Don't be one of these people!

With that said, please let us know what you find.  I love seeing what deals others get!

If you are new to  penny shopping, I have 3 step videos for basic understanding.  You can see them here: Penny Shopping at Dollar General. How to ...

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