January 31, 2015

AAFES code for 15% off ends today! Nikon P600 for only $339 shipped and tax free!

My husband loves taking pictures and has wanted the Nikon P600 as his "back up" camera for taking with him to work since he doesn't like to take his good camera.  So, he tells me I can have his old back up if I can find him a code to get the P600 camera at a good price.

I searched and found a 15% off coupon ... x4086vip to use, giving him an extra $59 off!  It's only going to cost $339 with free shipping and, of course, tax free from AAFES!

Just FYI:  AAFES shopping is only available to the military.

So I will get his old Nikon P500 to replace my Fuji Finepix.  The Fuji takes decent pictures, but is so slow in taking them.  It seems like such a long delay from when you hit the shutter button before it actually takes the picture.

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