January 31, 2015

Dollar General gives overage on coupons that exceed the amount of the item being purchased, but you must have items to cover the overage. No cash back.

Did you know that you can get overage at Dollar General if your coupon exceeds that price of the item you are buying?  You CAN NOT get cash back though.  The amount is taken off of the other items you are buying, so be sure to get something to cover the overage! 

"If a coupon value is more than the price of the item, the remaining value will be applied to the balance of the transaction." click to read the entire policy.

For example, these Archway cookies were only 5¢ yesterday (10¢ Christmas clearance plus extra 50% off sale) and I had a $1 off Archway cookie coupon, but it took the entire $1 off!

You can find the $1 off Archway coupon in the Coupon Database, just search for Archway.  

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