January 26, 2015

Penny shopping and quarter clearance shopping this past week at Dollar General.

Last Tuesday, Christmas clearance went to a quarter at Dollar General.  Tomorrow, the quarter items (if you can find them) will only be a dime!  When I first went out on Tuesday, there was a lot of stuff in the stores!  Of course the first one there gets the best choice!

I wasn't too interested in Christmas decorations, but I did get a few ribbon/ bow sets.  These will come in handy year round.  Also, there were odd items that you might not think that were also clearanced with Christmas, such as the 2 pack of red or 2 pack of green sharpies!

I'm heading back out tomorrow, as long as the weather permits.  Not that I need anything else, but it's kind of like a treasure hunt!

I also did a little penny shopping - this is part of my haul from this week.  It's mostly food items.

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