January 5, 2015

The RIGHT way to price-match to Walmart.

The price that you would price-match to Walmart is the $3.50 price.  The $1 coupon is a digital manufacturer coupon - not a Dollar General coupon.

Then, after price-matching to the $3.50 price, you could use a coupon, such as the $1 printable found here: $1 off All product - printable coupon.

I have been seeing blogs and groups out there saying that you can price-match the price AFTER the manufacturer coupon plus use a manufacture coupon.  You can't even do that at Dollar General.  At Dollar General, you can either use the digital manufacturer coupon OR a paper one - NOT both!  At Walmart, you would need to have a paper coupon because they don't have digital manufacturer coupons.

And, just because some cashier fell for this ... does not make it right.

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