January 1, 2015

Used my Dollar General Bundt pans today!

Trying out my new Bundt cake pans!  These were only a dollar each at the Dollar General store when I bought them, if you find them now, they should be a penny - but good luck, as they are probably pretty much gone now.

Anyway, I looked through some recipes and kind of drew off of a couple to come up with these cakes.  The first one, I think the recipe was for apple pie filling and the other recipe called for fresh blueberries, so I came up with this one:

Lemon cake mix 
3 eggs
Can of blueberry pie filling

Baked at 350 for about 35 minutes.  If I were to make this again, I might put it on 325 and cook a little longer.

Then, just mixed some powdered sugar with a bit of vanilla and water to put a bit of a glaze on it.

The second one, I used an Autumn Velvet cake mix and made the brown mix by the box.  The orange mix, however, I mixed about 7 ounces of canned pumkin plus the butter and eggs that were called for in the recipe.  I also broke up about 1/2 cup of pecans in the orange mix.

For the glaze, I just smashed a couple tablespoons of cream cheese with powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla.  I had to spread this glaze on, as it was pretty thick, but the cake is still warm so it went on pretty nice.

Here is the pan and the UPC, if you want to see if your Dollar General has it: 

UPC is 072867048884, but remember  YMMV.  Prices could reset at any time.

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