March 29, 2015

22 veterans commit suicide daily ...

I realize that you all read this for deals, but I want to take a few minutes to introduce you to an organization that is trying to bring attention to and stop Veteran suicides - Medicinal Missions. I am a veteran, but fortunately I never saw combat in my 10 years in the Air Force. This movie is about real people and their stories. I would suggest that if you can find a screening - go see it. See what veterans are going through ... take a veteran to see it! The suicide rate needs to go down ... this is a start by facing the realities that are out there and trying to find a way to cope.

See the upcoming screenings on their Facebook page: Upcoming screenings.

And here is the trailer:

Watch the trailer for Project 22

I attended the world premier of the film in Pittsburgh. These brave soldiers and their stories are not something that you will forget. Help them make a difference for other veterans and stop the suicides.

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