March 28, 2015

HOT Kmart clearance going on now! Pajamas $6, Fall Purses $2.99, Cold Weather Scarves and Hats $1.99!!!

Check out your local Kmart for some hot deals! I went last night to look for something ... and I am so glad that I wandered over to the clothing area! I got $29.99 - $36.99 pajamas for only $6. These are the same type my husband buys me every year for the holidays and he pretty much pays full price!

Our local Kmart has a lot of great deals right now. They have fall "purses" for only $2.99! I got a couple totes, how could I pass them up??? (Sorry for the extra punctuation, but this really got me excited ... LOL!)

I also got these 2-packs of frames for only $4.00!

Cold weather scarves, hats, gloves were $1.99, Some wallets and accessories only 99¢!  There was clearance all over the store.  I'm pretty sure the savings will vary by location, but if you have a Kmart close-by, why not run over and check it out!

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