March 29, 2015

My $2 off $10 scenerio at Dollar General today - 29¢ for (4) Old Spice 2-in1 shampoo and a can of cat food!

There is a $2 off $10 digital coupon you can add to your Dollar General account! The coupon is good through Tuesday (3/31).

Here is my scenerio:
(4) Old Spice 2-in-1 shampoo (select ones are 40% off making them $2.40 each)
1 can Fancy Feast Cat food as filler to get it over $10.

Put my phone number in the pin pad (you have to add the coupon to your account before you get to the store!)
Then handed the cashier (4) $2 off Old Spice 2-in-1 coupons P&G 3/29
My total was 29¢ after tax!

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