March 3, 2015

Short video of the new penny shopping list.

Most of you know a new penny list was posted a few days ago on our website.  But if you didn't know, here is a short video of the items.  I know some people prefer videos and other prefer just reading.

The penny items that start today are mostly office products and craft supplies.  I would think most of these will be found in the "last chance" aisle, but you may find these on regular shelves too.  We don't have the UPC's at this point, only the SKU numbers.  The SKU numbers can be found on the shelf tags, but as I said, you may end up finding these in the last chance area ... so there will be no SKU number there.

Remember that is it only a penny if it rings as a penny.  You cannot make them change an item to a penny.  Be polite to the employees and offer to put things back (and put them back neatly) if your items don't scan at what you expected!  As always, YMMV.  Prices and clearance sometimes vary by stores.

Hope everyone has a good shopping day!  Be safe!

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