May 17, 2015

Amazon Prime Membership extended for late shipments!

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I ordered 2 products from Amazon that were guaranteed to be delivered yesterday, but were not. So, I did a bit of searching to see what their guarantee actually means. After reading a bit, I came across this:  Guaranteed Accelerated Delivery Fine Print.

If all the requirements are met (see the link for details) "you may be eligible for a free one-month extension when the promised delivery date isn't met. Prime Extensions (including Mom) are limited to one per free trial and 12 for an annual membership. Free Amazon Student Memberships do not qualify for this extension."

So here is what I did: 

I opened a chat window, asked about the guarantee, and verified my 2 order numbers. Within minutes, my Prime membership was extended by 2 additional months! Amazon has always had great customer service for me in the past, and they didn't disappoint this time either. Thank you, Amazon!

If you are interested in trying a free 30-day trial of Prime Membership, check out the benefits here: (Remember though, it's addicting when you can order your items and get them only 2 days later!)

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