May 14, 2015

SIX Reynold's printable coupons available including 75¢ off Reynold's Wrap foil and $1 off Reynold's Parchment Paper. Print now!

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So anyway, there is a new 75¢ coupon for Reynold's Wrap Foil and $1 coupon for Reynold's Parchment Paper. These are both staples in my household! I really like the heavy duty foil the best and if you've never baked with parchment paper, you don't know what you are missing! (There are also a few other Reynold's coupons on the page for some of their other products.)

It's grilling season and Reynold's heavy duty foil is the best for wrapping up veggies and putting them on the grill ... even fish or wrapping some potatoes and putting them right in the coals! The Reynold's foil coupon is 75¢ off which should double at places like Giant Eagle or other stores that double up to a dollar. Get this coupon while it's still available as sometimes the good coupons go fast!

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