May 20, 2015

Why YOU should LOVE the Dollar General Last Chance Sales!

With or without coupons.. this is a GREAT sale to stock up on items, from clothing and curtains to everyday essentials like dish soap and shampoo!!

All items are an Additional 50% off "Last Chance" prices. If you are LUCKY.. your store will be 70% off !! Most items in Last Chance are still marked regular price, they are items that they have "discontinued" and moved to make room for another item. Some items have been marked down on "Clearance", in that case, figure the first mark down, THEN 50% off of THAT price.
Here is where the FUN begins...
MANY of these items are Name Brand products that will have a coupon!!! Take your store discount AND a coupon.. and WOW!!!
Here is an example-
Hefty 30 gal trash bags 27 ct  are marked at $5.50 in Last chance
With the 50% off sale  = $2.75
We also have a $1.00 Coupon for that item = $1.75 !! (About a 68% savings!!)
EVEN BETTER!! Dollar General allows OVERAGE (per their Coupon Policy)!!
Take a look-
Garnier 2in1 Shampoo/Conditioner is marked $2.70 in Last Chance
With the 50% off Sale = $1.35
We also have a $2.00 coupon for that item!!   = .65 OVERAGE!!
That is EXTRA .65 to spend on whatever your little heart desires!!
Are you Understanding why this is MY FAVORITE time to shop?
To make it easier for YOU to prepare, I make a list of the items that I find with coupons! You can see that HERE. Make sure that you print a copy of Dollar General's Coupon Policy to take with you! 
 As I am shopping, I will post new finds, "warnings" of issues and just plain "Look at all of this!!" on my Facebook Group page.
NOW... for the SHHH !!!~
All of that makeup,vitamins and hair care that you guys are finding for a PENNY.... HAVE COUPONS AVAILABLE!!  That means a .01 bottle of Clear Shampoo... will give you $1.99 in OVERAGE!! (I don't POST these items if I can help it... it's a COUPON blog.. NOT a penny page ;-) )
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