June 1, 2015

Dollar General: Tomorrow's penny items were today's quarter items!

Penny List for tomorrow is as follows:

All information is FREE on our website.
If you want the tool (the PennyPuss Penny Shopping APP) for help shopping in store, it is an nominal fee!

If you are new to penny shopping, go here and read/watch the video.  My goal is to educate new people so that they don't end up with carts full of non-penny items and people asking for price checks on tons of stuff.

Here is the list of markdowns and penny items for Tuesday, 6/2.  Remember that there are always exclusions.  We can't know every exact thing - so as always, YMMV.  The price you pay is whatever price it rings at the register.  If it doesn't ring a penny, you CANNOT have it for a penny.

Please be respectful of the stores!  Put your items back if they don't ring what you think they should.  And, put them back NEATLY!

This list is approved for linking only to the website.  If you copy it and paste it somewhere, I will file a digital copyright report.  These are copyrighted materials!

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