June 12, 2015

My Walmart Clearance Finds Today!

I went to Walmart today for groceries and used my PriceMatchGuide.com to price match my fruit and veggies ... and also a few other things. (It's only for my local area.)  I figured while I was there, I would take some pics of the clearance items.

There were some bikes out front on clearance. The one Mongoose one says original price is $159 and that price was marked town to $75 ... then on the front reflector it says 35% off and is like $48 something. That to me is a STEAL on a good bike! There were also other bikes out there too.


Inside Walmart, I found a $1 section of the floor coolers. I bought some organic veggies as well as some other veggies. Back toward the deli, there was another display that had Colgate for $1 and other grocery items.

Here are the items that I bought. The Habanero Lime Chex Mix, Key Lime cookie mix, and the Cocktail sauce were all 50¢ each.

I found the cocktail sauce in the seafood cooler area.  The extra hot was marked only 50¢.  The fat-free tartar sauce is marked only 75¢ but I didn't get any of that.

Be sure to let us know what great finds you get!  Happy shopping!

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