July 22, 2015

Where to find inexpensive gems for your project!

A friend of mine said that her and her daughters decorate composition books and they use gems and other little scrapbook items.  So, here are some tips on where to find some great deals on the gems:

If you are shopping at the Dollar General, be on the lookout for these items that pennied on June 30th.  These are confirmed - I bought a bunch of them!  Remember though, these items are supposed to be pulled by the employees, so you may not find them,  Please be respectful to the stores too!  Items may reset at any time.  If you don't like the price it rings - offer to put it back!

I just found a bunch of these on Saturday "hiding" behind the flower strip gems that are regular price.  So you still too might still be able to find them.

Please note that the penny items are the EXACT UPC's shown only.

If you cannot find these items at the Dollar General, and you need gems for a project, check out Amazon.  There are links at the end of this post for some great deals on gems and some with free shipping even!  I have purchased a couple packs in the past for my niece and was very happy with them.

~Happy Shopping!~

Penny List for Dollar General from Tuesday, June 30

Readymobile $40 handset UPC 891566001347 and 89156001385
They do not have to sell you the phone if it is a penny since it is an outside vendor.

Artskills Gem Strips Purple or Green!
UPC 672125021286 and 672125021262

Artskills Learning Charts UPC 672125017746

Artskill Gems and Hearts is actually the ones that look like paw prints.  The center of the paw looks like a heart!  Artskills Paw Print Gems UPC 67125021262.


Artskills Gem Strip Tiara UPC 672125021279

Also, if you need something to store your crafts in, you can look for UPC 430000353545 on a Tote that has a red dot under the price sticker.  It also pennied a while back.

If you can't find these for a penny at Dollar General, you can check Amazon for some great deals on gems. They have huge packs for under $2 and some with free shipping!:

You can see more here:
Rhinestone/Gems on Amazon

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