July 23, 2015

Green or Orange Hopper Bouncy Horse is marked down to only $14.90! I just ordered one!

I owe someone a birthday gift and this has been sitting in my cart for a while now.  It was $19.40, I think, last week.  I decided that I better go order it so it will be here by the time I go over that way to drop it off.  Well, I was surprised to see that it is now UNDER $15!

You can get free 2-day shipping with Prime too!  If you are not already a member, you can see if you qualify for a free trial:
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These hoppers have pretty good reviews and they are kind of unique! It's so hard to find the perfect gift, but I think this one is close, especially if you are on a limited budget! If you don't like the green or orange, Amazon does have other colors for just a little bit more.

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