July 2, 2015

Price matching at Walmart - revisited.

The past couple times that I have been to Walmart, I was told that I needed to bring the ad with me next time if I want to price-match. This is not true according to Walmart - as they responded to my question on Facebook. Although, it would probably make it easier on the cashier and less wait for you. If you don't have it with you, they have to verify any price that is more than 25% off and require a supervisor if the item is more than 50% off Walmart's price.


If you are price-matching, you should be patient about this as the cashiers are just doing their job. The cashier may have to ask the service desk for the sale ads, as most stores have a copy of the local ads. It may seem a little inconvenient to you, but from what I have heard, there were scammers making up their own prices ... I would guess that is what led to this change in policy.

You can read Walmart's policy here: Walmart's Ad Match Guarantee

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