August 2, 2015

Attention App users - possible rebate if you have to rebuy your App.

Rebate for those of you who purchased the original App link AND repurchase through Amazon by Aug 9.
Android users only - and we appreciate you waiting for a future notice for Apple users.
With the original App, I graciously gave out new links for free when you got a new phone or had to reset your phone.  There are no new links available for me to give.  All transactions are handled now in the Amazon App store.

If you downloaded the original App, it's yours to keep as long as you keep your phone and do not reset it.  

To start the new App out on a positive note (through August 9th ONLY) I will give you a rebate equal to the amount you paid for the first App - but you must show proof of buying it through Amazon. Your information must match the invoice in both receipts (Amazon and Paypal).  Please read entirely on how to submit your information.

In other words, if you paid $2.50 for the app link and purchase the new app before Aug 9 from Amazon, I will send you a rebate of your original $2.50 payment through Paypal.

**As long as you still have it on your Android phone, you do not have to get the new app from Amazon.*** When you get a new phone you will need to rebuy, however.***

$4.99 available for Android or Fire on Amazon. More info here a
If you are purchasing from Amazon for Android phones, you will need to download the Amazon App Store App on your phone before you can buy the Penny Puss App.
Amazon App Store App is here: Amazon App for Android

I want to thank all my previous app users in the testing phase that bought and helped me realize the dream of making a penny app that was reliable and easy enough to use.  While there had been minor problems with the server we were fortunate for them to be fixed and handled quickly. I also want to say recent problems in the two weeks, was handling of submitting it to various sources.

I don't want to hash out what necessitated the transition. however, I am thanking those of you that purchased it and didn't share your link with others that in turn shared with others. You're all part of something special now and after more than a year in the making, I am honored and humbled to have that support , respect, and love.
***This is for Android users only. We are working on getting it in the Apple store and will address that more when we have more information.***

Please note that rebates that do not have the required information will not be processed.  All rebate requests must be in by Aug 9th 11:59 PM EST.
1.  email address used to pay for the original beta app through Paypal.
2.  invoice from Amazon with your information matching your Paypal acct.  If you redact any information from your invoice, it will not be processed.

If the information does not match, it will not be processed.  If the information is not sent to the correct place, it will not be processed.  Please ensure your information matches.  There will be no follow ups nor any extended deadlines for incorrect or missing information.
Please allow 2-3 weeks for your refunds as this all has to be done manually.

Email your request to admin@ (without the space).

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