August 31, 2015

My Dollar General wreath - and why you should buy clearance craft supplies.

If you were to purchase all of the items needed for this wreath, it would be around $30 to make it.  The first one I made, I had some of the mesh ribbon and wire ribbon that was discounted last year.  Plus the flowers that I used were clearance from this year!  So, I only had to buy the wreath form and the pipe cleaners at full price.

Here is the one I made for myself.  My cost was about $7 out of pocket since I bought most of the materials during Dollar General clearance last year.

What you will need.

2 rolls of mesh ($5 each from Dollar General)
2 rolls of wired ribbon ($2 each from Dollar General)
6 big flowers ($2 each from Dollar General)
9 pipe cleaners (you can get these pretty much anywhere, price will vary.)
18 inch wire wreath form (unfortunately, Dollar General only sells a 12 inch form, Walmart has them for about $3 though)

1. Attach one pipe cleaner to each of the cross bars of the wreath form.

2.  Tie the end of one of the mesh ribbons to secure it.

3.  Poof it out, then pinch it where you want to tie it to the next pipe cleaner.  The mesh is very forgiving.  You can make it poofier (is that a word?) or you can make it slimmer.  It's all up to you.  You can try a couple and untie and redo them if you aren't happy with it.  Then when you got the hang of it, keep going around the wreath.  I do this twice - the second time around you just kind of poof it to the inside.

4.  Use whatever is left of this first mesh to go in and out under each poof - covering the wreath form.

5.  Get your other color of mesh and do the same thing.  You can do 2 rows - one in the center and one on the outside ... or you can wrap it around the back alternating side to side as you go.  

6.  Take your flowers and cut them a couple inches down and bend the stem into a loop.  Then tie them on 6 of the pipe cleaners.  I used 2 colors so I did Red, Yellow, then skip, Red, Yellow, then skip, Red, Yellow, then skip.

7.  Take your 2 spools of wire ribbon off the spools - it is easier to work with this way.  Attach them to the back of your wreath by pushing the pipe cleaners through to the back on one that you didn't attach a flower.  Then just wrap them in and out around your wreath.  Be sure to wrap it around the areas where your didn't attach a flower to the pipe cleaners to hide the pipe cleaners.  

And that's it!  This is really simple and adorable!  You can do this with any colors and any decorations you choose!  You could put 9 items on the wreath if you wanted, but I chose 6 because I wanted to use 2 colors and if I would have used 9, 2 of the same color would have been next to each other and I wanted them all alternating.  

After making one for myself and posting it on Facebook, my grandma asked if I was going to sell them because she'd like one.  I told her I wasn't selling them, but I made her one too.  

Here is hers.  I used all the same items, but hers looks a little different.  It probably has something to do with however I decided to tie each poof of mesh on it.  

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