September 1, 2015

Extra 50% off already marked down items in select departments at Dollar General Friday and Saturday only!

Dollar General is having a 2-day sale that includes an additional 50% off swim/summer, lawn/garden, yellow dot clothes/shoes, and green dot home!

The green dot home is anywhere between 25-70% off right now.
The swim/summer should be 50% off right now.
The lawn and garden varies mostly 25%, but seeds and seed starters are 90%.
Yellow dot clothing and shoes are on a scale - see your store for the discount.

These categories should all be an additional 50% off on Friday and Saturday.
There has been some confusion in the past on how to calculate this, but you do NOT add the percentages together.

For example, if the item is 50% off now - you don't add 50% to get 100%.
You would have an item for say $4 - 50% off now, would be $2 - your additional 50% off would make the $2 now only $1.

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