September 10, 2015 review - my experience, questions, and comparisons.

So, I just placed my first order with yesterday.  They actually had the bar soap that I use and I added more items that I use on a regular basis to use the $10 off $35 code that is available on their website.

If everything is delivered in a reasonable time-frame and in good condition, this order is definitely a good deal.  But, I have already had to call customer service, because while my order reflected the $10 off, my pending charges show the amount without the discount.

My total was $20.54 with free shipping.

As you can see, I have 2 pending charges and they add up to the total BEFORE the discount.  When I called and spoke to the customer service representative, I was assured that when the charges came out of pending status that they would be the correct amount with the coupon applied.  So I am waiting and will update when they post.

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I realize that this is a new company, so I am trying to be optimistic and understanding.  I tried to look around a bit and find deals.  The Seventh Generation Dish Soap that I ordered is a really good price for only $2.18 for a 25 oz bottle (approximately 80¢ less than  - but it was only one particular scent that had that good of a price.  The "free and clear" variety was about 10¢ more than Seventh Generation Dish Liquid Lemongrass and Clementine Zest 25 oz $2.18 ( did not have this scent.)

But does sell the Free and Clear for $2.97 compared to the $3.04 on

The Fancy Feast cat food was also a good price - usually 55-60¢ a can in the local stores, but buying this 24 pack for $10.47 made the cans about 44¢ each.

The Kirk's bar soap and the Adkins bars are about the same price most places.

With the $10 off $35 or more order, this really was a good deal!  But that is a one-time coupon meant only for your first order.  TENBUCKSNOW

My questions:
Would I pay $50 a year for this membership?  (I have a trial free 6 months right now with code FREE6).
After they get paid memberships, how good will the prices be?
Will they increase their current inventory? (there are a lot of 'out of stock' items.)
Will they add items to their inventory?  For example, they have San Francisco Bay single brew coffee, but only the small packages ... and I currently buy them in bulk from Amazon 80 for about $30.

So far, I see as an option like any other website out there, but not a replacement for Amazon.  And, from what I see, they seem to be pushing as a replacement.  Competition is always good for the consumer though.  The current situation really reminds me of back when Amazon started and I could find really good deals mixed in with the "just okay" prices.

If anyone else has purchased from, we'd love to hear your experience!  As I mentioned earlier, I will update this when my charges post (come out of pending) and when my order arrives!

Here are a couple examples of good and bad pricing.  These are current prices as of the posting and may change at any time on the website.

$2.96 on - this is an awesome price on Adkins bars! is $5.78.

$3.86 for 16 ct value pack of Nutrigrain bars on (almost a dollar less than

$57.57 for this Minnie Mouse Walker on while has it for only $45.25 - over $12 cheaper! wins big on this one!  So, just remember, it pays to do price comparisons before buying!