October 4, 2015

I admit it, I am an unorganized couponer!

I buy binders. I buy those nice shiny inserts ... and I never use them.  I've tried.  But cutting coupons is a lot of work - especially if you cut all of them!  And, trying to keep the expired coupons purged ... well, don't get me started!

The nice thing about a binder with all the coupons is that you will have them with you if you run across a clearance deal ... you may want to buy to donate or give to give to someone else if you get a product cheap enough.  Or, you might want to sell some items and make a couple of extra bucks.

Anyway, as I said, I am an unorganized couponer.  Don't get me wrong though, I can save money ... I just don't subscribe to the extreme couponing that some do.  For one, I am particular about brands. When you limit yourself to which brands you use, you limit your coupon savings.

Some of the brands that I use may have coupons, but not always the hot coupon deals that others seek.  For example, I use Seventh Generation dish soap and there is sometimes a $1 coupon, which is a good deal for me since it's usually around $3 and approximately a 33% savings, but others may be getting different "name brands" for much less.  I can only find this dish soap at a couple local stores, so I can't get in on the extra savings some stores have like Kmarts doubles week or other stores that allow you to stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons.

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My husband likes to rub it in about my "less than stellar" coupon use. He will say that "Coupon Suzy would have a coupon for that" or "Coupon Suzy would know how to get a deal" ... If you are not familiar with Coupon Suzy, it's the "face" of Coupons.com.

I consider myself more of a clearance shopper than a couponer. I am good at saving money and I do use coupons for the really hot deals, but I also seek out hot sales and clearance to make up for my lack of couponing. And, a the occasional "penny shopping" doesn't hurt the bottom line either!

What kind of bargain shopper are you?  We'd love to hear how you save money!