October 4, 2015

Jet.com - my thoughts ...

I know that I said I would update my review about Jet.com, but I got a bit side-tracked.  I was pleased with my purchase, the prices, and the delivery time.  My order is here:  Jet order from September 10.  You can see that I got some awesome prices and even better with the coupon code available for first time users.

Most of my order was delivered the following day and the rest came the day after.  Yes, that was quick service!  The price of the Seventh Generation dish soap has gone up since I ordered though.

Although I was pleased, I think they still lack a lot compared to the big competitors.  A lot of their inventory is shown as sold out and they just don't have a vast selection at that.

It looks to me like they are trying to keep up with Amazon pricing, but Amazon is NOT the only competition - "hello, Jet".  For instance.  Jet's price for Dreft baby detergent is $20.96 right now.  Amazon's best price is about $2 more ... but, if you go to Walmart's website, it's only $15.97 and can be picked up today.  Maybe you'd prefer to have it delivered though ... and Jet is offering free shipping through the 6th of this month.

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Here is the item that really got me to believe that they are just aiming at better pricing than Amazon and not really "best prices" ... BBQ Pringles.  They are limited edition and harder to get, so mostly higher on Amazon by 3rd party sellers.  While you can head over to Walmart  and see that they originally sold for only $1.50.  Jet has them for $5.06 - seriously, who would pay over $5 for a can of Pringles anyway?!

I really think you should give them a try with a first order -- just be sure to compare prices between Walmart and Amazon to see what the item is selling for.  The coupon code for new members will help you get a good deal too.  Just use code 15BUCKSNOW on an order of $35 or more at checkout.  They are also offering free shipping through 10/6.

Whatever you do, please stay away from the Organic Balance Dark Chocolate High Protein Milk Shake on Jet at $153 for a case of 12 when you can buy (3) 4-packs on Amazon for about $90 less.

I think the best thing to this is to compare prices and don't just settle for what one or another website shows as their best price!