October 12, 2015

New 70-90% markdowns at Dollar General starting tomorrow!

The new list is out for tomorrow!  There are no new pennies, but you can still look for those past pennies.

If you are new to penny shopping, please start slow and be sure to read this post and watch the video for basics.  It is an older video, so the colors pennied now are different, but it should acquaint you with the process.
Penny Puss - Penny Shopping

Also, the older lists are in this post:
Penny Puss - Penny Lists

Tomorrow's markdowns consist of new reductions on beach towels, DG brand swim pants, and more.  If you are not sure if something is included, just ask for a price check.  I don't ever recommend asking for a price check if you think an item is a penny item though, because some employees will just say it's discontinued ... which is the truth.  It is a penny because it's discontinued.  So, if you want to penny shop, do your homework and KNOW what is and should be a penny.  And remember it is ONLY a penny if it rings up as a penny.  They do not change prices to a penny!

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If you are interested, we also have an app for penny shopping that is in the Amazon App Store. It has past penny items - over 2000 items.  Remember though, that some items may reset back to full price and may still be in the app if no one has let us know.  We don't  have inside information, but go on what we personally find in the stores.  You can see more information on the app here: Penny Puss App on Amazon