October 23, 2015

Stop clicking and perpetuating the SPAM!

We all love good deals and free stuff, but the SPAM posts on Facebook are getting out of hand.  The most recent ones are free cigarettes, free iPod, Powerball lottery tickets, and high value gift cards that are totally unbelievable ... so QUIT BELIEVING THEM AND QUICK CLICKING ON THEM!

These are just a few that are out their right now.

When you click on those posts, they post for you in all the groups that you belong to on Facebook.  If it looks to good to be true, it usually is!  Pay attention to what you are doing ... look at the url associated with it.  The Powerball one recently was something like "powerbool and powerbell" at the bottom of the ad.  Only click on deals from reputable sources.  It's getting entirely out of control and I am considering deleting people from my groups that post this SPAM, whether intentional or not.

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