October 25, 2015

Walmart $1 and under clearance food haul!

I love getting to Walmart early in the morning to check out the clearance!  This morning proved to be a good morning for it!  I got chicken and turkey jerky for $1 a bag, sunflower seeds for 50¢ bag, spaghetti sauce for $1, bean sprouts for 50¢, organic noodles for 60¢, white wine vinegar for 75¢, and Ecce Panis bread for 89¢ each (and the Ecce Panis bread has a $1.50 each rebate on Snap by Groupon - making it a money-maker!)

This clearance was located back near the deli at our local store.  Your clearance locations and items may vary by area or by store.  The dates were all good on everything that I purchased.

The above picture is my haul.  The following pictures are what else was what I left behind.

That apple juice is a really good deal, but I am so stocked up on juice right now, I have no more room!  The Kettle Brand Popcorn has a Snap Rebate for $1/2.


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