November 30, 2015

$1.99 w/ free shipping for a trial-size of either San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser coffee pods of French Roast - nice little stocking stuffer!

Head on over to San Francisco Bay's website and check out the trial-size 3-pod offers.  You can choose from Fog Chaser or French Roast for only $1.99!  This would make a nice little stocking stuffer or a way to try their coffee, if you haven't yet!

As I've said before, this is my "go to" coffee.  I buy the Fog Chaser and the Rainforest Blend from Amazon as they usually have a better price.  I have no affiliation with this company ... I just like their coffee and their environmental practices are a plus too!

You can see the Amazon deal for this coffee here: 

San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser or Rainforest Blend for only 30¢ Coffee pod (for Kcup machine).


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