November 22, 2015

Coffee-mate singles as low as $7.19 for 180 on Amazon

Head on over to Amazon and check out the deal on Coffee-mate singles creamer.  180 singles is only $9.59 with subscribe and save!  (If you order it regular, it's an "add on" item and you will have to have an order of $25 or more to order, but that's not necessary with Subscribe and Save orders.

Be sure to click the blue 20% off coupon on under the price.
Select "original" and "180 ct" for Subscribe and Save and add it to your cart.  You should see this for y our total:

20% coupon has been deducted, plus a small Subscribe and Save discount.  You can cancel any further shipments without penalty.  Just go in to your settings after your first shipment and cancel if you don't want to receive the item on a regular basis.


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