November 13, 2015

Dollar General EXTRA 50% off clearance starts today - plus 2 more days of the 3-day sale!

Dollar General's 50% off all clearance starts today and ends on the 15th.

Here is some of the clearance going on now:

Halloween is 50% off right now, so it will be an extra 50%.
So if an item is $10 - 50% off would make it $5 - then you would take the extra 50% off that total making it only $2.50 or 75% off the original price!

Red Dot is clearance following this schedule:
$1 - $2.50 is now $1
$3-$15 is now $2
$20 and up is now $3

Harvest is clearance at 25% off right now.  

Remember that the extra 50% off is only on clearance and not on sale items.

There are a few good deals in the 3-day sale that ends on Saturday. 11-12-11/14).
B1G1 free handbags, jewelry, accessories, blue dot shoes, gray star socks, or Bobbie Brooks Hosiery.
Libby's canned vegetables 3/$1
Matchbox or Hot Wheel cars are buy 1 get 2 free (so $1.25 + tax for 3 cars!)
Pepsi 12 oz cans 12 pack 3/$8 (You must buy 3 to get this price.)
You can see the rest of the deals in the Dollar General Ad online.

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