November 3, 2015

Dollar General updates for Tuesday, November 3rd for penny shopping ...

The new list is out.  Remember that some stores may vary.  What is a penny at one could only be reduced to 25¢ or 50¢ at another.  Sometimes this  happens and other times it's the same everywhere.

There are always exclusions ... and sometimes odd inclusions.  This is just to be used as a guide as Dollar General prices are whatever they ring ... they do not change them to a penny if they do not ring a penny.

Red dot should be staying the same as it has been for the past couple weeks.
If you need the old lists go here: Penny Puss Penny Lists
If you need to understand the basics of penny shopping, go here: Penny Puss Learn the Basics for Penny Shopping

If you are interested in purchasing the app, go here: Penny Puss APP for Android or Fire - available on Amazon
Remember that the app is updated AFTER items are confirmed!


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