November 7, 2015

Recent SPAM/SCAM posts that are going around. Do NOT click on them!

You see the words "Black Friday" and well, you want to click.  Please look a little closer before you do!

One way to check for legit posts is to look at the website it is posting from. Doesn't look legit to me! Some will try to come close to the name of the website to try to fool you.
These posts going around Facebook right now automatically post in the groups you belong to when you click on them.  Please look at these examples and don't click on them when you see them on your page.  Let the person who posted know and/or report the posts to Facebook.

In addition, do not fall for the Gift Exchange scam.  It is a pyramid scheme.  
You can see more about the gift exchange pyramid scheme on Snopes, where they also let you know that it is illegal.


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