November 27, 2015

Red dot and back to school DID penny at Dollar General. YMMV

"Better safe than sorry" is the cliche that I am going with here. We weren't sure that red dot and back to school were pennying, so we held out until we verified. We were fairly certain Halloween was pennying, so we did report that. I, as well as others, have confirmed that red dot and back to school have also pennied. I have not been out doing a lot of shopping though. Remember that there are always exclusions. The best way to penny shop is by belonging to groups on Facebook and to see what others are getting and what is being included and excluded. Be sure to pay attention to details!

I am sorry for the delay in this post, but I was enjoying spending time with my family. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and happy shopping! And remember to be kind to employees.


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