December 1, 2015

FREE 24 ct Petits Fours and 9 1/2 oz Chocolate assortment with $15.95 order - Swiss Colony online.

I have no affiliation with this company, I just really like their petits fours!  Every year they seem to have a nice coupon for free 24 count petits fours and other freebies with purchase.

I used to buy these every year and give a box to my mom.  It's funny how traditions like this make me smile.  She would hide her box in her dresser drawer, so her husband wouldn't find them and eat them.  I still buy them, but my mom isn't around to share them with any longer.

I have tried the ones from Hickory Farms but they are just way to sweet for my taste.  You will need an order of at least $15.95 to use the coupon code.  The "cheapest" way to get your free gift seems to be the 1/2 lb "prepaid" Chris Mouse, but that's not what I ordered.  I still ordered a box of petit fours - the prepaid ones for $19.95 - so my total was just under $20 shipped and I have lots of petit fours to share over the holidays.

So add the item or items that you want to your cart and then add promotion code AK1346 (be sure there are not extra spaces as the site is finicky.)

If you don't order a prepaid item, then your shipping will add an additional $8.95 or more to your total.


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