December 5, 2015

Last day for Kmart SUPER DOUBLES!

Unfortunately, I have only had time to go to Kmart once this week!  I usually try to go a few times during super double week.

This is my haul:

Coupons and points used: 

$2 off Gain $1.50 off Pantene styler $2 off Always $2 off Febreeze Noticeables $2 off Eco brush printable $4 clearance rug $2.50 clearance Coconut water $7.50 outfit mngr messed up gave me 1/2 off instead of 30% as the sign said. Had $8 surprise points for clothes. $1 surprise off Pantene. A few regular points. Paid $6.71

If you are looking for specific coupons, check the COUPON DATABASE - it's searchable and can tell you if there is a printable or what insert to find the hard copy coupons.

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