December 15, 2015

No new pennies at Dollar General today.

I updated the Dollar General Penny Shopping List page last night, but in case anyone didn't check that, I figured I'd post a new blog post too.

So, there are no new pennies starting today, but there are many other old pennies that you might find if you look hard enough.  Of course, this always depends on how well your store is at getting discontinued items off the floor and if there are other penny shoppers in your area.

If you are new to penny shopping, you might want to check out the Basics of Penny Shopping at Dollar General page.  Remember to always be kind and put the items back that you decide you don't want.  It is not the stores employees job to clean up after you!  It burns me up when I hear people say that it's "job security".  No!  Clean up after yourself - DO NOT wreck displays!

A couple updates if you are following penny shopping in the groups.  
The Star Wars sticker book that was pennied is now back to FULL PRICE.
Also, the Frozen plates, bowls, and flatware are back to FULL PRICE.

Okay, everyone, with that said, Happy Shopping!


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