December 5, 2015

What was Amazon thinking?

If you are looking for unusual or unique jewelry, I think I've found it for you on Amazon! Here are a handful of jewelry pieces that make you go WTF ... or at least HMMMM!
I'm not sure that anyone would purchase these to actually wear - maybe as a gag gift?
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What are your thoughts?

I don't think I need to tell you what I see here
I know it's supposed to be a skier ... but, just a fail in jewelry making!

The letter "J" pendant necklace
I don't see a "J" - looks like a pretzel or something to me.

Golden Poop?
This one is just strange looking.

Pregnant mermaid with pointy boobs
This one just looks completely out of proportion.
Her legs/tail are really skinny.

Amber necklace "blob"

Ribbon Design?
This isn't the worst one, but not really attractive either.


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