December 23, 2015

What were your holiday fails this year?

UPDATE:  Ulta has sent me an egift card to make up for the mailed one and also sent me a little something for myself.  Thank you, ULTA for making it right!

My first holiday fail was a gift card that I purchased from Amazon.  A $25 Denny's gift card ... and it arrived with no balance.  Thankfully, Amazon has excellent customer service and they refunded the purchase immediately when I called.

The second holiday fail is an Ulta gift card that I ordered from  I ordered before the deadline, so I would receive it by the 24th, but although I ordered on the 18th, it only shipped yesterday.  And, they shipped it by Fed Ex 3-day and shows the delivery estimate as Dec 28.

I tried to call their customer serviced number, but after being on hold for a while, I was asked to leave a message or call back another time.  After trying this a couple times, I posted on Facebook and Twitter.  Ulta on Twitter responded for me to send an email, which I did.  I got a canned reply email saying that they will respond within 24 hours.  So, I don't really have any faith in this being resolved to my expectations, but I will update when I find out.

It seems to me that Ulta could have saved this fail, by selecting a different shipping speed.  Honestly, I don't buy from Ulta as a rule and unless they fix this, I probably will not purchase from them in the future.  I usually buy from or for my beauty items.

After receiving the shipping notification and calling and not getting any help that way, I checked Ulta's Facebook page .. and it  looks like I'm not the only one having issues with their company.

And, while it is not the end of the world, it is disappointing.  And, they could have selected a different shipping method to insure that it arrived on time.

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