July 10, 2015

Tomorrow is the last day to get DOUBLE COUPONS at Kmart!

Kmart has been having their double coupon promotion all week and tomorrow will be the last day. Although I can usually find something to get, Kmart is not very coupon-friendly. Every time I use coupons and they scan them ... the computer goes down. They started to put them in manually for me. So anyway, is anyone getting any good deal?

The way Kmart coupons work is that you must have a $25 purchase before coupons for your coupons to double. And, you are limited to 5 coupons of a $2 value or lower. It takes a bit of figuring to get a good deal.

July 9, 2015

Watercolor samples from Mijello!

Head on over and request your free sample watercolors from Mijello!
You will receive a 2 color sample pack!

Mijello sample request

Get your FREE sample of Playtex sports pad or liner sample and tampon!

Free sample of Playtex sports pads, liners, and tampons are available to order.
Free Playtex Sample

I've said it before - I love ordering free samples because sometimes they also come with coupons!

July 8, 2015

Mark your calendars! For those of you with Amazon Prime - July 15 is "Prime Day" for HOT DEALS!

Amazon is devoting deals on July 15th to Prime Members! They are even claiming "more deals than Black Friday"!

Prime Day

If you are not already a Prime member, see if you qualify for a FREE 30-day trial so that you can get in on the deals on July 15!