October 10, 2015

Petco - free paw impression keepsake today between 1 and 3 pm!

This is for the West Mifflin, PA store, but you can put your zip code in the search at the top of the Petco.com website to see what events are going on at your local store!  

FREE Domino's Pizza on Monday to the 1st 27,000 MLB.com users who log in!

This is your last chance to score a Domino's free pizza!  Head on over to MLB.com/dominono at 3PM on Monday, October 12th and be one of the 1st 27,000 and you will score a code for a free medium 2-topping pizza.

October 9, 2015

FREE Tinashe: Aquarius Album download from Google Play!

Head on over to the Google Play Store and download the deluxe version of Tinashe's Aquarium album!  Be sure to click the FREE button and not the individual songs.

Free sample of Astroglide!

Head on over to the Astroglide website and request your free sample - there are several to choose from - choose the one that you'd like to try.

October 8, 2015

TriCare insurance for Veterans give NO CHOICE for using a local pharmacy!

Retired military who use TriCare are now being required to get maintenance meds through Express Scripts if they want the prescriptions covered.

TriCare insurance is now requiring all maintenance medications to be ordered through Express Scripts - a mail order pharmacy.  And, I am not happy ... at all ... about this!

If you are not aware of TriCare insurance - it's for military, retired military, and their families.

On the website ConsumerAffairs.com they have an average of a 1 rating - with NO ONE giving them anything over a 2 (on a scale from 1-5).  It really isn't ONLY the rating that bother me - not that the rating helps anything either.  I prefer to have all of my medications in one place so that the pharmacy can let me know if one drug interacts with another.  It seems to me it is ONLY about money-savings (well, of course) and not about the patient's, AKA people who put their lives on the line for our country, health anymore.  If you go to multiple doctors, all of your prescriptions usually end up at the same pharmacy that you use.  This way, you may get maintenance meds from Express Scripts mail order but other meds from a local pharmacy.  Do we really need more complications?  This is about retired military - you know, those men and women who served our country for at least 20 year ... and their families.  Why hasn't this been covered widely in the news?  If this was the welfare system there would be a huge ruckus!  (I'm not putting down welfare recipients, just saying that it would be a large outcry.)  Why is when it comes to the military -- it's just readily accepted?

October 5, 2015

Tomorrow's markdowns for Dollar General

Not much is changing for Dollar General markdowns tomorrow, but there are a couple.  Yellow dot clothing is being reduced a bit as well as yellow dot shoes and Spring "must have" shoes.  Flip flops are not included.

If you are new to penny shopping, please see our Penny Shopping link to familiarize yourself as to how the process works.  And, always remember if it does not ring a penny, you cannot have it for a penny!  Be kind and leave the stores the same or better than when you  walked in!

If you want to look for older penny items, check out all our lists here: Compilation of penny shopping lists for Dollar General.
Also, we have an app available on Amazon for a nominal fee: Penny Puss in the Amazon App Store

Free "Mom Made" Foods Healthy Coupon Pack

I'm not quite sure what this entails.  Do they want you to hand out coupons to the trick-or-treaters?  Anyway, you can sign up to get your coupon pack here:

Coupons and healthy are always good  - so let's sign up and see what we get!

Mom Made Foods Facebook page

October 4, 2015

39 piece tool kit for only $4 at Kmart!

Check your local Kmart for this deal!  Our local store had this 39-piece Masterforge tool set for only $4.00!  It would make a nice little housewarming gift or for someone going off to college - if you don't need one yourself.  Price may vary by location.


Why I am stepping down as a Shop Your Way personal shopper.

Swiffer Duster Starter $1 - $1.50 after HIGH VALUE coupon depending on your store!

This high-value coupon is back!  $2 off Swiffer Starter kit.  You can get this particular Swiffer 360 Duster for only $1 - $1.50 depending on your store's prices.  Some Dollar General stores, I have seen it for $3 and others $3.50 ... also Walmart had them on a clip strip and they were $3.  YMMV on the price.

This $2 off Swiffer Starter is great to combine with Dollar General's $5 off 25 or $5 off $30 that they have most Saturdays!  Check your receipt or the Dollar General website.

But PRINT THIS NOW, because they usually expire after so many prints and we don't want you to miss out!

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$2.00 off ONE Swiffer Starter Kit

I admit it, I am an unorganized couponer!

I buy binders. I buy those nice shiny inserts ... and I never use them.  I've tried.  But cutting coupons is a lot of work - especially if you cut all of them!  And, trying to keep the expired coupons purged ... well, don't get me started!

The nice thing about a binder with all the coupons is that you will have them with you if you run across a clearance deal ... you may want to buy to donate or give to give to someone else if you get a product cheap enough.  Or, you might want to sell some items and make a couple of extra bucks.

Anyway, as I said, I am an unorganized couponer.  Don't get me wrong though, I can save money ... I just don't subscribe to the extreme couponing that some do.  For one, I am particular about brands. When you limit yourself to which brands you use, you limit your coupon savings.

Some of the brands that I use may have coupons, but not always the hot coupon deals that others seek.  For example, I use Seventh Generation dish soap and there is sometimes a $1 coupon, which is a good deal for me since it's usually around $3 and approximately a 33% savings, but others may be getting different "name brands" for much less.  I can only find this dish soap at a couple local stores, so I can't get in on the extra savings some stores have like Kmarts doubles week or other stores that allow you to stack manufacturer coupons with store coupons.

When I said that I wanted BIG savings - this is not quite what I had in mind!

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seemed to go right - even your printer was working against you?

A little background: Last week was double coupon week at Kmart and I was trying to find really great deals.  They have a few stipulations such as you must have a $25 order and can only double up to 5 coupons ($2 or less).  And, Kmart is actually known around here for being more expensive than many other stores - so an awesome high-value coupons might not get you the best deal.

Anyway, I'm finding coupons, figuring a plan ... when I found this awesome coupons for Arm & Hammer cat litter!  $1.50 off will double to $3 off!  Woo Hoo ... is what I thought.

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I had to jump through a few hoops though.  As you may be aware of, the newer Chrome versions no longer run Java.  You must have Java for most coupon sites.  Okay, we can get around this.  So I try to print from Firefox and Internet Explorer, but for some reason I couldn't get either to print.  I looked into it a bit and (remember, I am really not computer savvy) I figure that I need to change some settings.  So, here I go ... and voila, the printer starts it's lovely noises ... and then, this:

So, not only did the cat litter coupon print ginormous, all the coupons that I printed did!  I did end up getting some deals with double coupons though.  And, the reason you don't see the kitty litter one is because Kmart actually accepted it!

Jet.com - my thoughts ...

I know that I said I would update my review about Jet.com, but I got a bit side-tracked.  I was pleased with my purchase, the prices, and the delivery time.  My order is here:  Jet order from September 10.  You can see that I got some awesome prices and even better with the coupon code available for first time users.

Most of my order was delivered the following day and the rest came the day after.  Yes, that was quick service!  The price of the Seventh Generation dish soap has gone up since I ordered though.

Although I was pleased, I think they still lack a lot compared to the big competitors.  A lot of their inventory is shown as sold out and they just don't have a vast selection at that.

It looks to me like they are trying to keep up with Amazon pricing, but Amazon is NOT the only competition - "hello, Jet".  For instance.  Jet's price for Dreft baby detergent is $20.96 right now.  Amazon's best price is about $2 more ... but, if you go to Walmart's website, it's only $15.97 and can be picked up today.  Maybe you'd prefer to have it delivered though ... and Jet is offering free shipping through the 6th of this month.