January 9, 2016

I won 21 free shipping credits from Yerdle!

Do you Yerdle?  I do!  I have been a bit overwhelmed with some of the clearance and penny items that I have been buying.  I have tried selling locally with a little luck, but more often than not, people back out or want you to wait to get their stuff.  It's so much easier to just pack it up and mail it out.

I won the first week's 21 credits for free shipping!  Maybe you will win next!

Sign up now to get $35 in free Yerdle money and free shipping on your first purchase!

You can set your Yerdle prices however you choose.  I "usually" double the Yerdle amound for what I think the item is worth.  If I am selling a $15 item, I ask $30 in Yerdle.

There is never any cash used except for the handling fee and the shipping fee.  You get charged $2-$3 depending on how recent the item was added - this is on top of the $5 shipping (not sure if this varies by category).  Yerdle runs certain promos to earn or win shipping credits as well as Yerdle dollars.

During the month of January, they are giving 4 lucky Yerdlers who invite other Yerdlers 21 FREE shipping credits!  So join now and invite all your friends!

Be sure to sign up through my link for your free $35 Yerdle money and 1 free shipping credit!
And then invite your friends to be entered to win in this January contest!

Here are some of the items that I have bought on Yerdle.  The shipping may seem a bit high when you first think about it, but you can also bundle through the app on your phone.  In other words, you can buy up to 4 items through one seller to save on some of the shipping fees - this is bundling.


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