February 9, 2016

12 Suncare products on today's Penny List!

I hope everyone is having a great time finding the new pennies from last Friday's surprise list!  If you don't know about it, you can check here: Penny Puss Penny List

Just to let you know that we are adding the UPC's to the searchable Penny Puss APP Database as items are confirmed.  We will be adding pictures too, but I thought it more important to get the UPC's in first and then add the pictures as I have time.  The App is only available for Android / Amazon Fire phones.

So without any further delay.  Here is today's Penny List:
These items are in the Feb 9 Penny List category in the App, but are not yet searchable by UPC number until they are confirmed.  Thank you for your understanding.

This past Friday, we had an unexpected list of items that pennied and people were finding things that were not on the list that also pennied!  Here is the list with partial UPC's.  If you have the APP, the UPC's are searchable in the APP.  The red X are only the items that I did not get UPC's posted for yet.


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