February 12, 2016

As Seen On TV items that people are finding for a penny at Dollar General!

If you are a penny shopper at Dollar General, you know that some things come down from corporate that penny ... and then, sometimes, random things that no one knows about penny!

The great thing about social media, is that these random items get around to us penny shoppers before the stores even know about them!

So, here is the list of As Seen On TV merchandise.  I will be trying to get the other lists up soon, so watch for them!  Remember, you can always purchase the app to have these UPC's at your fingertips.
If you want information on the App, you can go here: Penny Puss Penny Shopping App for Dollar General

If you are new to Penny Shopping - PLEASE, review the basics here: Penny Shopping at Dollar General - basics to understand the process.

Here is the list for curtains:


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