February 9, 2016

How to CANCEL your subscription to PennyPup or any other Paypal subscription!

We are not related and have absolutely NO ties to the website PennyPup, but we have been getting more and more emails, messages, and even comments on our Facebook pages to stop the subscription.  We DO NOT have a subscription service!  Our lists are FREE.  The only thing that we sell is the Penny Puss APP and we  have no control at all over the money ... it is only available to be purchased through Amazon.

I am hoping to cut down on having to answer all these messages by giving you all a quick tutorial about how to cancel a Paypal recurring subscription service.  I do not have a subscription to that particular website, but I do pay for a subscription to keep the Coupon Database on my site, so I know about subscriptions.

Just follow this graphic and you can cancel without having to contact the website owner.  Just know that you will probably not be able to log into her website after you cancel.  That's usually how it works.


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