February 1, 2016

It's not stealing ... it's the cashier's fault!

First, I am a penny shopper.  When Dollar General clearances out their seasonal merchandise, it goes down by percentage - sometimes then to a quarter or a dime - then it usually pennies.  The stores are supposed to pull these items, but sometimes there is merchandise that is missed, so we go try to find it.

So, recently, there were a couple kid's chairs that were ringing up for a penny ... and word gets around quickly - so all the penny shoppers were out looking for them.  Some unscrupulous people were taking the whole stack of chairs - penny and full price chairs to the register and the cashier was only ringing the top one and scanning it only for what ever number of chairs they got.  So these people were getting the full price ones in the middle of the stack for a penny too - and, of course, they blamed this on the cashier for not ringing each one individually.  Yes, that's it, let's not be accountable for our own actions.

I ask: "If you knowingly took the ones that weren't a penny with you, would you have bought the whole stack if they rang each one and the others were full price."  I think not.  So, you INTENTIONALLY scammed a cashier.  Am I not right?  There are people BRAGGING about this on Facebook and saying things like, "It's the cashier's damn fault for not doing her job."  Wow ...

And, don't play the "I'm giving it to charity." line ... wrong is wrong no matter what you are doing with the merchandise!

There is just so much fraud and abuse anymore and people keep justifying it.  Oh, and if you say that, you are "jealous" because you didn't get any.  No, I don't steal.  Geez.  So, by that logic - I should be able to fill a purse with cosmetics and if the cashier doesn't check inside (like she's supposed to) then it's her fault for letting me get it all free.  Why not, right?  I'm not responsible!

Penny Puss
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