February 18, 2016

Penny Shopping Fraud and Abuse - stop saying it's okay!

I am so sick of people in "couponing" and "penny shopping" groups on Facebook saying to "mind your own business" or "drama isn't allowed" when people are blatantly committing fraud and abuse under the pretext of Penny Shopping.  Would you be okay about it if I just walked into the Dollar General and put about 10 things in my purse and left 10¢ on the counter because I think they SHOULD be penny items?  No, you would call me a thief.  And, guess what, this is what YOU are!  Would you want someone to do this to you if you had a yard sale?

When you walk in to a Dollar General and put the penny items on the top and bottom and the cashier rings only 2 and assumes they are all the same, YOU are just as much to blame as the cashier for not doing her job properly.  Stop laying the blame on them and take some personal responsibility!  You are manipulating the situation and you are wrong!

A "real" penny item is an item that has been taken out of inventory and is now a penny so that the store knows to pull the item and dispose as they are told.  If you are getting full price items for a penny, then you are taking (stealing) because these items are to be sold at full price and they are losing money on sellable products.

I'm all for a great deal and I do penny shop, but I am not about to manipulate the system or a cashier by trying to get full priced items for pennies.

And, while I rant, stop messing up the stores!  Carefully look through items and put things back.  Penny shoppers have gotten completely out of control.  Just like anything else, there are good shoppers and bad shoppers and the bad shoppers give us all a bad name.  Employees are the same, there are nice employees and well, not so nice employees.  But, if I had to deal with the bad penny shoppers, I'd probably start resenting penny shoppers too.   Think about it!

Learn how to Penny Shop the RIGHT way and stop feeling entitled!


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